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The Attendant – Fitzrovia, London

Stop three on our tour took us to the amazingly quirky and character laden Attendant… This re-purposed and transformed Victorian public toilet is possibly the wackiest cafe you may find around the streets of London, but is certainly worth a visit!



Built around 1890, the below-street-level public toilet was taken out of use in the 1960’s, and was left unused for over fifty years before being transformed into this awesome little coffee shop.  What was previously the toilet attendant’s office is now the counter and kitchen, with the original porcelain urinals forming a rather neat coffee bench, the original tiles can still be seen on the on the floor and ceiling, and there’s still a toilet cistern on the wall!



There is no end to the character of this place with the old vintage fixtures and fittings, mixed in with new purpose-built seating and stylish lighting, considering this place is underground its far from being a dark and dingy area.

On walking down the stairwell entrance you are greeted by a large wall which has been signed and graffiti’d by previous customers which is a cool feature and shows just how much love this place has.


The Attendant focuses on quality ingredients.  A sign above the counter proudly states that drinks are made using organic milk from Jersey cows “who happily graze on a blend of grass and clover in Somerset”, their coffee beans are sourced from Caravan , and all the food is made on site.



if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different with a great atmosphere and a really chilled out vibe then The Attendant is worth a visit.

I also hear that their salted caramel brownie is a real crowd pleaser.


you can visit them at:

Address: 27a Foley Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 6DY

Twitter: @Attendantcafe


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2 Comments on The Attendant – Fitzrovia, London

  1. Now that’s clever repurposing. It’s almost so “out-there” that I can’t believe someone tried it lol. Gonna have to try the caramel brownie though….


  2. Those pastries and cakes look amazing. And I can see why this place won an award. I’ll definitely add this location to my list for next time I cross the pond.


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