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Pot Kettle Black – Manchester

One of my most recent visits took me to a quaint Victorian shopping arcade hidden in the heart of Manchester, within the Barton Arcade lies one of the smartest and well designed coffee shops I’ve had the pleasure of visiting; Pot Kettle Black (PKB as its otherwise known) was established in October 2014 as the brain child of professional St. Helens rugby players Mark Flanagan and Jon Wilkin.


After visiting one of the world coffee hot spots Sydney, Mark approached team mate Jon with the prospect of opening an independent coffee shop and looking towards the future and life after rugby, although both admit that there decision isn’t entirely commercial as they have a real passion for coffee and innovation in bringing coffee to Manchester.


Stepping inside PKB is spacious joy of large windows, quirky patterned tiling, antique woodwork, ironwork and a large blackboard wall complete with hand drawn process of their Japanese style cold drip brewer on display. There’s was a vast selection of seating ranging from hot desk type areas with the laptop user in mind, to round dining areas for those who like to lunch, and informal chill out areas with coffee sack covered stools.



Complimenting their clean and unique design is the high quality coffee, sourced from the well-known Workshop Coffee based in London, with PKB’s house blend being Workshops Cult of Done. They offer espresso and also V60 and Aeropress brew methods, as well as a selection of teas and a vast array of foods in the form of sandwiches, soups, cakes and pastries.


PKB seem to be doing a good job of introducing proper coffee to the masses of Manchester, and offering a multitude of community type activities and events from their Friday evening acoustic sessions, book club, beer pong tournaments and rooftop fitness work-outs.

You can visit PKB at:

Address: Unit 14, Barton Arcade
Deansgate, Manchester
M3 2BW


Twitter: @PKBCoffee

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