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My name is Matt, i am a 26 year old self-confessed coffee addict, with a passion for all things coffee.

It is my personal mission to seek out and try as many UK independent coffee shops as I can, and in the process review and document them to share with other like-minded individuals.

my hope is that I can create something unique and unlike other Coffee blogs, seeking to appeal to the passionate coffee lovers and industry professionals out there with articles, features and my other passion which is Photography (

please feel free to contact me if you would like to recommend any new places for me to visit, or if you would like to contribute or support this blog, it would be much appreciated.

For a long time I have had a passion and an interest for coffee and the culture it brings, this all started from the usual overwhelming need for coffee in the mornings. I initially began on the route of many with my local chain stores, however I soon realized that the consistency of the drink was something to be desired.

I then took the plunge and purchased my first home espresso machine and after experimenting with a variety of beans  and drinks my passion really took off, the only thing missing was the atmosphere, hustle and bustle and the joy that is people watching with a good cup of coffee that I missed from being in a coffee shop.

I soon began visiting a local independent stores and was blown away in comparison to the larger chain stores, the coffee was so much nicer, and the experience seemed to be incomparable,  I soon discovered my passion for everything coffee…from the science behind making a great cup, to the atmosphere and feelings provoked and everything in between!

after researching my next visits I discovered that the UK has an abundance of hidden gems in the form of independent coffee shops, and not just in London either!

It was this desire and interest in coffee coupled with my hobbies of photography and travel that led me to the idea of documenting my experiences and opinions to share with others…why not?

Even perhaps receive their recommendations and experiences in return and find those hidden away shops and experiences that will help me to get the UK coffee scene really noticed.

And this is how my journey began.

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