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Re-usable glass coffee cup

The lovely people at KeepCup were nice enough to send me over their new limited edition glass coffee cup recently (dubbed the KeepCup Brew), this new take on the reusable coffee cup see’s the introduction of a glass body; some complain that the plastic version can retain odours and off flavours which can impart the coffee, so glass would alleviate this problem…I’m not so sure, but the glass does make a very nice change and looks great with the new cork band which not only gives the KeepCup Brew a unique look, but also gives good grip and protection from the heat when drinking your favourite hot beverage.

This newest version of the KeepCup also introduces a newly designed lid that features a better seal and mouthpiece with a rotating bezel that can be used to cover the drinking hole when not in use.

If you’re not familiar with KeepCup, It started in a cafe with a simple idea…keep it and use it again. Their brand ethos is based around sustainability, and providing an alternative to huge amount of wasted paper cups used and distributed by cafes everyday, and they have some impressive statistics to make you think twice before using a disposable cup again. (Statistics here)

Our desire to drink coffee on the go has led to more than 2.5bn cups being thrown away every year in the UK. You may have assumed that they were recyclable, as they are made out of paper; but in fact the recyclable part is actually trapped under a film of plastic that stops the paper getting soggy.  This is difficult to remove, so most ends up going straight to landfill!

KeepCup manufactures their cups with single materials to make recycling as easy as possible once the product has come to the end of its useful life (approx. 3 years). The concept and theory behind this product is very compelling and really makes you think twice.

I found the construction to be very well-built and solid, and after showing my girlfriend my cup I immediately ended up buying her one in the larger 12oz size and in a custom coloured plastic which she seemed to love.

There are several sized versions are available, each corresponding to your favourite daily drink – from small espresso cups up to larger latte sized containers. each with a plastic lid that provides you (and your coffee) with excellent protection from accidental splashes, and a band that wraps around the cup to give you grip and thermal protection.

I can definitely see myself using this instead of the usual paper cups, and in particular for my morning coffee in the car. Its great knowing that you’re helping to minimize the waste that can otherwise be avoided thanks to this awesome little product.


keepcup brew

You can read up more on the environmental facts, and purchase your KeepCup at:


Twitter @Keepcup





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3 Comments on The Keepcup Brew

  1. LilyJane1002 // March 17, 2015 at 1:57 pm // Reply

    I had no idea that disposable coffee cups aren’t actually recycled ! These cups are a great idea and I’ll be telling my friends about them 🙂


  2. This cup caught my eye right off your front page! What a great design…I really like the cork band.


  3. Actually got two of these…I keep one in my cupboard and the other one in my car for all my morning and afternoon breaks’ refills! I couldn’t resist buying them as soon as I ‘ve seen them. they are actually amazingly stylish, practical and eco-friendly too: just the perfect cup to enjoy a nice brew if you ask me!


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