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The House of Coffee – Leighton Buzzard

I am lucky enough to live a few minutes walk from the treasure that is the “House of Coffee”, an independent, specialist roaster and blender of high quality fresh coffee.

I first discovered this place when walking through the old market town center and being greeted by a fantastic aroma which I later found to be as a result of roasting day at the House of Coffee.
The shop is located down a quaint little alley way called the Peacock Parade in the oldest part of town in a beautiful timber building dating back to the 15th century.

The House of Coffee has been established for around 29 years and is one of the few remaining independent coffee roasters in the country.
Their beans are bought when still green and then roasted on-site using the traditional roasting methods which impart the wonderful flavors.

They offer fantastic quality coffees from the likes of Jamaican Blue mountain, and Copi-Luak, but my particular favorite is from Yirgacheffe.

on walking into the shop, the first thing your greeted by other than the friendly faces of the staff is the amazing smell! The rest of the shop looks like an Aladdin’s cave of vintage bean dispensers and equipment and is a definite must for a truly personable experience from very knowledgeable staff who will happily guide you along your coffee choices and path.

you can find them at:

Address: 3 Peacock Parade, Lake Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1JH

Twitter: @HouseofCoffee1



bean holder

House of coffee

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2 Comments on The House of Coffee – Leighton Buzzard

  1. LilyJane1002 // March 17, 2015 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    Jamaican Blue mountain sounds so tasty! I have only recently become a coffee connoisseur so I have so many new flavors to experience. I will definitely make a point of heading to The House Of Coffee next time i’m passing through leighton buzzard in a few weeks!


  2. What a great location…and I love the photo of the shop’s frontage. And 29 years is no small feat…they really must have some spectacular coffee!


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