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TAP Coffee No.114 – Fitzrovia, London

TAP, or Tapped and Packed as its otherwise known, was the first stop on our Fitzrovia coffee tour, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!

We visited No.114, located on Tottenham Court Road, which is one of three shops in London; each known by the number of their street address, the others being the original store on Rathbone Place known as No.26 and TAP’s new headquarters on Wardour Street known as No.193.

On arrival, the shop has a very minimalist, almost traditional look to the frontage, large windows run the length of both sides, with their trademark Coffee bicycle over the door and the No.114 painted across the top.


The inside of the shop is bright and airy with a pleasant atmosphere. You enter through the door in the corner, with tables running left and right along the windows, and fixed benches for seating. Simple wooden flooring and counters suit the sleek image of TAP and the space feels surprisingly large.

TAP’s reputation for excellent coffee is easy to understand, their mission for “Better Coffee” is re-iterated throughout, with the chalk board outside and a small note on each table explaining their obsession to strive for difference.



On our visit it was quiet obvious that the Barista’s at TAP really have a passion for coffee; they chatted to us enthusiastically about the sourcing of their beans and the process they use for making their coffee. They were even kind enough to give us a free espresso, to try their particularly special Peaberry from Rwanda called Nyamasheke, Nyungwe, this is unique in that the coffee cherry the bean is harvested from contains only single bean unlike other coffee’s which contain multiple beans. This is exclusive to TAP. (you can read more and buy this bean Here)

I purchased a “Flat White” which was lovingly made on the “Nuova Simonelli” machine, the latte art was very good too, with both a single and triple rosetta being displayed and the taste was excellent…one of the best coffee’s I’ve ever had!



There was also a fantastic selection of food and pastries all laid out on a mouth watering display, TAP’s food is all made in the purpose-built kitchen at No.193. There are sandwiches, quiches, salads and soups along with a selection of cakes and pastries which all looked fantastic.

It was difficult not to buy another coffee and a cake, but as this was the first stop of 7 we forced ourselves not to, in order to pace the day.




I cannot wait to re-visit TAP, No.114 and their other stores; I also hear that they do a fantastic cold drip coffee which is definitely one to try!

You can visit TAP No.114 at:

Address: 114 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 5AH

Twitter: @tapcoffee


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1 Comment on TAP Coffee No.114 – Fitzrovia, London

  1. LilyJane1002 // March 17, 2015 at 2:31 pm // Reply

    oh my god those little cakes look amazing!!


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