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Speciality Coffee Map London 3rd Edition!

Today I was excited to receive my eagerly awaited 3rd edition of Blue Crow Media’s “Specialty Coffee Map London”.

This Two-sided pocket-sized map features 100 of London’s finest independent speciality coffee shops. and is the perfect aid to finding the capitals best coffee spots.

The map also compliments a series of apps dedicated to speciality coffee in London, but also further afield from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, this means that the map’s recommendations will satisfy even the biggest coffee connoisseurs .

The map was Curated by Chloe Callow, Derek Lamberton and Phil Wain who are regulars of London’s coffee scene, so this is likely to be a great guide.

I cannot wait to start using this little pocket-sized bible and already have my London Tour part 1 booked in thanks to this handy guide!

be sure to keep in eye out in the coming weeks for the follow-up features for some of Fitzrovia’s best.

You can purchase the guide by visiting:

Blue Crow Media



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2 Comments on Speciality Coffee Map London 3rd Edition!

  1. LilyJane1002 // March 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm // Reply

    i just downloaded the app for London’s best Coffee, thanks for sharing


  2. Great timing. My best bud is leaving to tour Europe in a couple of weeks and I ordered him this map. Between him and his new wife, it’s going to see plenty of use! =)


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